Prevost Information


The Prevost Community web site has been developed to bring all owners, drivers and builders of Prevost coach conversions together on one web site. The site is not intended to replace any existing Prevost enthusiast’s web site(s) but to supplement it with what we hope to be the greatest concentration of Prevost conversion resources on the internet.

The focus will be on the Prevost chassis or shell, but all other resources and contributors to a Prevost Conversion will be available here through links, advertising or articles. The site will be generic and not aimed at a specific type of conversion (motorhome, entertainer or homebuilt), any specific converter, any specific Prevost  interest group, age of coach, or type of shell. The only constant will be Prevost. We hope this site will be where you look for suppliers, information, discussions, coach sales, repair facilities, communication with other owners and even conversations with Prevost Car. Prevost will participate in forum discussions.

We want a site that can supplement (not replace) all other Prevost related sites on the internet and accumulate the greatest number of registered members. By having the greatest concentration of registered members and having a focus solely on Prevost conversions, it helps Prevost and other interested businesses to participate and be able to dedicate resources that will benefit us all.