Douglass Dillard - January 2022

  Hello, my name is Douglass Dillard.  I am a Prevost owner and have been a member of Prevost Community since 2017.  Some of you Prevost owners may know me, others may not, but this is my Prevost story I’d like to share with you.  I became a Prevost owner in 1990.  Hard to believe that was 32 years ago!  My ex-husband and I enjoyed traveling extensively in that 1990 bus for 8 years.  I drove her almost 8 months a year across the US and Canada. We loved being in it more than at home.  As we were one of the founders of a motorcycle club called the “Bus N Bikers,” we were fortunate to have met some great Prevost owners.  You HAD to own a “bus” to be a member of this club, and most of the members were Prevost owners.  While traveling to “Bus-N-Biker” rallies,..

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