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635 SE Monterey Rd  Stuart, FL  34994
Liberty Coach, founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1972, was formed out of frustration in our personal search for excellence in luxury motor coach construction. Since those early days over 40 years ago, we have gained the respect of our customers through hard work and unwavering support. We have earned a reputation as the motorcoach industry innovator, leading the way in style, interior design and technology without sacrificing reliability and functionality to create a coach that delivers you to the next level of excellence.

There are many important factors to consider when evaluating the cost of a Prevost conversion:

Driveability - How well does the coach ride, handle, steer and stop? All of these functions differ between coach brands because of engineering, weight distribution, and manufacturing of the interior.

Durability - How quiet is the coach driving down the road? Are there squeaks, rattles, wind noises? Visit the manufacturing facility to see the product under construction to see how well it is put together.

Reliability - What is the track record of the company? Talk to past and present motorcoach owners. Look at the construction inside, outside, under and over everything.

Serviceability - It's mechanical, it will need to be serviced. Who do you call if you have a problem or question? Where can you get routine maintenance done or have problems solved?

Useability - How much cabinet storage is available? How much closet space and bay storage?

Resale - How long do you plan to keep the coach? What is the resale market for that brand of luxury motorcoach telling you? What is current demand?

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